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Replacement Terminal Environmental Assessment

19. What is the status of the Terminal Design?

Preliminary Design of the Replacement Terminal was competed in August 2019. The Design Team completed the PD documents after coordination and input from the Airport, Sheriff, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and other County and State Departments/Agencies.


The proposed terminal size has programmed and is being designed based on industry standards and guidelines for the various components of the building, as well as the actual needs of the Airlines, Airport Operations, TSA, Sherriff, Concessions, and the comfort of the traveling public. The size of the terminal under design will be approximately 125,000 square feet and be able to accommodate four aircraft parking positions with increased passenger comfort and amenities, while also accommodating the forecast growth identified in the forecasts of the Master Plan.


While the size of the terminal will increase and provide increased levels of service for passenger processing in the ticketing and TSA checkpoint, improved baggage processing for outbound and inbound baggage, better concessions, and more comfortable seating and hold rooms that does not equate to increased flights above the forecast in the Master Plan. New and increased routes to/from Trenton for the existing airline, and for any other airlines who may want to enter the Trenton market, are based upon economic viability and locations of adjacent airport operations. Airlines operating with a large number of operations at local/regional airports such as American and Southwest Airlines at Philadelphia and United Airlines at Newark will not enter the Trenton market due to their market share in those locations and the higher costs of splitting operations at several local/regional airports.

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