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Replacement Terminal Environmental Assessment

20. What is the schedule for the Replacement Terminal Design?

Following up on the Preliminary Design Submission in August 2019, the Replacement Terminal design is proceeding toward a final design submission in April 2020. The design anticipates ongoing coordination and input from the County, Airport, Sheriff, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Airline(s), Concessions, and others.  Construction is anticipated to begin in Summer 2020 and continue through the end of 2021.


Permits required by the project for construction will include a building permit from Ewing Township, and environmental permits from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Delaware & Raritan Canal Commission. Other permits may be required from local and state agencies for various parts of the building.


Future construction of the Terminal is dependent upon the decisions of the FAA and any comments or FAA requirements from the EA process will be incorporated into the design and construction.

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