Replacement Terminal Environmental Assessment

7. What is the public participation for the Terminal Environmental Assessment?

In September 2016 and May 2017, under the development of the Master Plan for Trenton Mercer Airport, public meetings were held that presented the existing airport infrastructure and needs, identified and presented alternatives, and presented findings and preferred alternatives that were part of the final Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan. In July 2017 a presentation was made to the Mercer County Freeholders where the Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan were presented followed by Questions and Answers. Under the Master Plan process, public meetings and information sessions are optional and not required.


The EA Process is governed by FAA Order 1050.1F, "Environmental Impacts Policies and Procedures". For an EA, the required public input is a 30 day comment period. For this project, the proposed public meetings include a Public Scoping Meeting, two Public Meetings, and a Public Hearing.


The Public Scoping Meeting held on October 23, 2018 and consisted of a brief recap of the Master Plan and ALP process and introductory presentation about the meeting purpose and desired outcomes.  An hour long question and answer session followed the presentation. Preceding and following the presentation, work stations were set up and utilized to solicit input from attendees by requesting responses to open-ended questions pertaining to preparation of the future NEPA document.  Topics included: Specific concerns related to the project; Social, economic, and environmental resources that should be addressed; Federal, state, local agencies that should be engaged in the NEPA process; Methods of outreach – notices, website, facebook, email lists, phone, etc.; Future public meeting format, frequency, and location.


A Public Meeting was held on January 23, 2019 and consisted of a presentation of the EA process, Purpose and Need, and Alternatives developed to date, followed by Q&A. The initial alternatives and Terminal, Roadway and Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility Concepts and locations were presented. The question and answer session of one hour followed the presentation.


A second Public Meeting will be held in Fall 2019 and will review the progress to date, present the Alternatives and Affected Environment, and then answer questions from the public.


After issuance of the Draft Final EA to the public, a Public Hearing will be held and consist of a presentation of the Draft Final EA followed by questions and answers from the public. The Public Hearing is anticipated to occur in October/November 2019.


Following the Public Hearing, comments from the hearing will be reviewed and incorporated into the EA where appropriate, prior to submission to the FAA.  A public comment period of 30 days follows the submission to the FAA. The submission is anticipated to be in Late 2019 with an FAA decision estimated in Early 2020.


Notifications to the public has occurred, and will continue to occur, through printed publications (newspaper), the Mercer County Website, the Project Website (, emails using previous lists of attendees for the Master Plan and EA Public Meetings, emails and notifications to Lower Makefield, community groups, previous attendees and commenters from the Master Plan or previous EA meetings, facebook, and other social media.